Sisters, who is up for some fun stuff? We are on the second month of the New Year. Statistics show that 89 per cent of people who make New Year resolutions, falter and give up after one week. Articles upon articles have been written on why we do not follow up on our New Year resolutions. Yes, they are difficult to follow through because they are not fun.

One of my New Year Resolutions is to have fun by shooting and posting on this website every week, a photograph (or image) that makes me smile. It can be anything: God’s magnificent creation, street scenes, winter wonderland, social interaction with friends and family.

I invite you to capture the moment with the phone and post it with a caption, on the comment section of this post. At the end of each month, the photographs will be posted on the website for everyone to view and admire.

If your inspiration is via the internet, there are free photography websites that you can browse and download photographs. Check the license requirements. If it is free for commercial use, you may download the photographs without seeking permission. However, it is courteous to provide “coffee” for the photographers as a token of appreciation.

The Dazzling Splendor Of God's Creation
Pixabay: The Dazzling Splendor Of God’s Creation