How To Connect With God Our Heavenly Father

In Part 1 of How To Connect with God, Our Heavenly Father we learned:

Why does God want to connect with me?

Why do I want to connect with God?

In Part 2 of How To Connect With God, Our Heavenly Father we learned:

How will I know when God is reaching out to me?

How do I reach out to Him?

When will He reach out to me so that He can connect with me? 

What do I do when God speaks to me at an inconvenient time?

When can I connect with our heavenly Father?

We continue with Part 3 of How To Connect With God, Our Heavenly Father.

Where will He connect with me?

God can connect with you anywhere and anytime. He is not limited by time and space.

He can give a prophetic word about someone even before the person is born. Take for example, King Cyrus in Isaiah 45:1-5. God has planned for him to build the temple (Ezra 1:1-2) even before he was created in his mother’s womb.

He can connect with you when you are driving to work, vacuuming the floor, when you are going for walk or even when you are sitting on the potty in the morning. Do you know that He can connect with you even while you are sleeping? Read Job 33:15-18. In fact, sometimes that is the perfect time for God to speak to us. During the day, we may be so busy that we are not aware of Him trying to connect with us.

Sometimes the place where God normally speaks to us may become so familiar to us that we “miss” it when He is speaking to us.  In Jeremiah 18:1-2, God called Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house away from his normal surroundings to speak to him.

Sometimes in the familiar surroundings, we begin to take Him for granted and the level of expectation to hear from Him may wane.

God may ask us to go all the way to another country to attend a seminar and it is there that He speaks so clearly to us. Why does He want us to spend the money to go somewhere when He could speak to us at our home? Sometimes God may want to jot us out of the feeling of complacency and familiarity with Him so that our sensitivity to His voice can become heightened in an unfamiliar place.

We can be anywhere when He speaks to us. You may ask Him a question before you retire for the night. Suddenly the answer that you have been seeking may pop into your mind while brushing your teeth.

God speaks to us when we are relaxed such as while we are in the shower, sitting on the potty, driving, or picking up the children. We should not make the mistake that He can only speak to us in church or when we are waiting for an answer from Him.

Are you intense and stressed out while waiting for God to speak to you or waiting for answers to your prayer?

In our world of instant gratification, we expect God to speak to us on demand like pressing a button on our smartphone. I always tell the people whom I am teaching to relax as this helps to hear His voice. To help with relaxation, take a drink or eat a snack. Do not rush through the drink or snack. Take your time to relax then take out a piece of paper to write the questions that you want to ask God.

When we are feeling relaxed before the Lord, there is no striving or struggling and our posture becomes one of stillness before Him.  In this posture, our tension is gone and we are poised and ready to connect with Him.

Our Heavenly Father will always be there to answer our questions if we are patient enough to wait for His answers to us. We must learn to not put God in a box otherwise we will miss Him speaking to us with the answer we are waiting for.  However, we should not feel bad if we have missed God when He tries to connect with us. Take for example, in John 13:22-26, John, the beloved disciple, asked Jesus who was going to betray Him. Jesus was very specific in telling him that “the one for whom I shall dip the morsel and give it to him”. He then dipped the morsel and gave it to Judas Iscariot. But John missed the answer completely.

Our gracious heavenly Father will keep on giving us opportunities to hear from Him. All we need is to realise that He will connect with us any where so don’t be surprised!!


Where can I connect with Him?

We can connect with God anywhere. It could be in the shower, when we are brushing our teeth, driving, walking, doing our housework, working, cooking, when we are in church, in the supermarket, in the hospital, etc. We can connect with him anywhere and everywhere.

The places that we can speak to God are endless because He is not limited by space. Isn’t it great that our God is omnipresent and we don’t need to go to a specific place to meet Him?

Many religions require their believers to go to a certain place or time to pray so that they can speak to their gods.  What a privilege that God has given us that we are called His children and that we can speak to Him anywhere.

In fact, in Psalms 139:7-9, we read that there is nowhere where we can flee from His presence.  This means that wherever you are, when you call upon Him and when you are ready to hear Him, He will speak to you.



Photo credit: Toby Hoos of Unsplash                God is Omnipresent. There is nowhere we can go where He can’t find us.


I remembered when my Mum was not feeling well, I told her that I would pray for her. She agreed to my prayer and anxiously reminded me to let my God know her whereabouts. She was staying with my brother that week and not with my sister. She stressed that it was vital to give my God the address of my sister and not my brother’s so that my God could find her!

I was a bit amused with what she said that the god she worshipped required an address to find her! “Mum, the God I serve knows everything and where you are staying at any time”.

On another occasion, I casually mentioned to my sister about my conversation with my Mum. Without hesitation, she explained that a Buddhist who prays at a temple is taught to let the gods in the temple know the name and address.


God is our GPS and compass


God does not require a GPS, compass or a full set of equipment to locate us! He is our GPS and compass for our lives.

I am so glad that my heavenly Father knows my name even before I was born and knows where I am staying at any one time (Acts 17:26).  Our God is such an intimate God and we don’t need to remind Him or tell Him about such details.



Dear heavenly Father, I thank you that you know my coming in and my coming out and you know me intimately.  I thank you that I can speak to you everywhere and where you speak to us is not limited to a place. Help me to connect with you and be sensitive to your presence wherever I am. In Jesus name. Amen.


This article is written by Rinda Ho, who is writing her first book. She will share snippets on how you can connect with God in your journey through this website. She will also share songs that the Holy Spirit has downloaded to her so that you can encourage someone through these songs. Rinda has used God’s gift to serve as keynote speaker, held Christian seminars and taught group leaders and small groups in various churches, educating Christians how to hear God’s voice. She delights in mentoring Christians and see “ordinary” Christians fulfill their destiny, when the heavenly Father reveals to them the good works that He has prepared in advance for them to do.