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How to live an amazing life through Jesus Christ.

Many of us long to live victoriously instead of drifting from day to day with our routine of waking up, going to work, and sleeping. Do we long for weekends to recharge our batteries? Yes, I do!

So, how do we live life victoriously? We have to be intentional and just do it.

We will go through 31 days of simple actions to live our life victoriously. Repeat for another 31 days and very soon, we will be so proud that we have chosen to live this way. Living victoriously is not about having more money (though money is good to have). It is about self-care, having great relationship with others in our family and in the community.

Day 1 – Overview

Day 2 – Look ahead and not at the rear view mirror of life

Day 3 – Connect with God

Day 4 – Let Go Let God

Day 5 – Dream Big

Day 6 – Reach For Your Dream and Not Give Up

Day 7 – Be Positive

Day 8 – Eat Clean

Day 9 – Live Green

Day 10 – Manage Myself and My Time

Day 11 – Change Your Body Language

Day 12 – Be Resilient

Day 13 – Be Fearless

Day 14 – Be Compassionate

Day 15 – Be Confident

Day 16 – Be Generous

Day 17 – Be Loving

Day 18 – Be Forgiving

Day 19 – Clear Doubts Immediately

Day 20 – Deal With Negative People

Day 21 – Deal With Jealousy

Day 22  – Overcome Temptation

Day 23 – Overcome Loneliness

Day 24 – Overcome Insecurity

Day 25 – Overcome Disappointment/Betrayal

Day 26 – Learn Something New Every Day

Day 27 – Teach A Child A New Word A Day

Day 28 – Change A Negative Habit Starting Today For 21 Days

Day 29 – Start A Simple Exercise Routine Today

Day 30 – Connect With A Family Member Every Day

Day 31 – Connect With A Friend/Neighbor/Community Member