100 Top Inspiring Christian Movies (Group 7)


1. Paul, Apostle Of Christ (2018)


As darkness spreads over the Roman empire, Paul and Luke defy a ruthless emperor, risking their lives to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


2. Hidden Figures (2017)


An incredible & inspiring untold true story about three women at NASA who were instrumental in one of history’s greatest operations – the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit.


3. On Wings Of Eagles (2017)


China’s first gold medalist and one of Scotland’s greatest athletes returns to war-torn China.

Starring Joseph Fiennes


4. Greater (2016)


A true story of Arkansas Razorbacks walk-on offensive lineman Brandon Burlsworth (Christopher Severino). Devoutly Christian and ridiculed for his portly appearance, Burlsworth defies the odds to make the Razorbacks’ squad in 1994, and ultimately develops into an All-American player and top NFL prospect.

Starring Christopher Severio, Neal McDonough, Leslie Easterbrook


5. McFarland, USA (2015)


Kevin Costner stars in a heartwarming celebration of the human spirit.

Starring Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, Morgan Saylor


6. Woodlawn (2015)


A gifted high school football player must learn to embrace his talent and his faith as he battles racial tensions on and off the field.


7. Unbroken (2014)


Academy Award-winner Angelina Jolie directs and produces UNBROKEN, the epic drama that follows the unbelievable true story of American hero Louis “Louie” Zamperini.

Starring Jack O’Connell, Domnhall Gleeson, Miyavi


8. The Good Lie (2014)


A group of Sudanese refugees are taken in by a brash American woman (Oscar® winner Reese Witherspoon) assigned to help them as they adjust to modern life in the United States.

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany


9. The Impossible (2012)


Nominated for an Academy Award (Best Actress, Naomi Watts) and based on the true story of one family’s survival, THE IMPOSSIBLE is an epic journey to the core of the human heart.

Starring Naomi Watts


10. Conversations With God (2007)


The dramatic true story of a struggling man turned homeless who unexpectedly becomes a spiritual messenger. In the wee hours of the morning, overcome with anger and bitterness, Walsch writes an angry letter to God, demanding answers to his questions.

Starring Henry Czerny (Actor), Michelle Merring (Actor)